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Welcome by AURITEC, Germany’s technology leader for clinical audiometry. We get our expertise our of a permanent know how transfer between industry and customers. Our clients are present in different countries and appreciate our understanding for modern and sustainable audiological solutions. Jan Mody – Owner and CEO.

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the first real multi-channel audiometer

  • Multiple channels with open choice of signal, type, intensity and direction
  • Designed for universities, university hospitals and the hearing device industry
  • R&D version of the international Matrix Tests integrated
  • Medical device – for easier procedures  with ethical committees


Clinical audiometers

The audiometer AT1000 covers every function you except from a clinical audiometer and more than that. With this audiometer you can make speech audiometry in different language, paediatric audiometry incl. play audiometry and directional hearing measurement. AT1000 has even an impedance module available.

Diagnostical audiometer

For hearing assessment you can use ear3.0 as a pure tone audiometer. If you need more, it is easy to make an upgrade and get a mobile audiometer with speech audiometry. It is even possible to make a paediatric audiometer out of it using VRA viewer and directional hearing.

Paediatric audiometry

All AURITEC audiometers can be turned into children audiometry systems. With AT1000-PED, known as the technology leader in this field, we provide you with the most modern speech tests, visual reinforcement audiometry solutions and innovative furniture solutions.

Screening audiometer

The screening audiometer AuriCheck is very appreciated by paediatricians and speech therapists. It has a pure tone audiometry as well as modern speech tests. Its design and usability makes it the favorite medical device of all children.

Wie funktioniert das Screening Audiometer „AuriCheck“?

The small, German-made audiometer for children aged 3 years and older is established in many pediatric and adolescent medicine practices. It complies with the new pediatric guideline, as it produces sound audiograms in the conventional way with 10 test frequencies. In addition to pure tone audiometry, playful tests simplify the measurement procedure. These include the animal voice test mFAST, which determines the child's hearing threshold using four animal voices from different frequency ranges.

The speech intelligibility test AAST (Adaptive Auditory Speech Test) can also be used to create a speech audiogram. The AAST is available in various languages (including Russian, Arabic, Turkish). With this test, children with a migration background can also be examined without any problems. The language test does not require the examiner to have foreign language skills. The children's hearing test is also billable according to EBM (04335) and GÖA (1406).

An attractive wide-screen touch display enables intuitive menu navigation and makes the screening examination easier for the child and the examiner.


Which tools are suitable for the measurement of auditory processing?

In patients with hearing impairment or auditory processing disease, the ability of directional hearing almost always suffers. The AT1000-PED pediatric audiometry system with the new ERKI localization system enables accurate determination of directional hearing.

How does children audiometry work?

From the age of one year, children respond consciously to sound stimuli. Conditioning with play audiometry or the use of images with the VRA (Visual Reinforcement Audiometry) viewer allows a fairly accurate determination of the hearing threshold.

Hearing testing is done with free-field audiometry. Here the selection of the right loudspeakers plays an important role.

The medical act of hearing testing fades into the background for the child. The game or the reward is an important motivation. The examination can be performed from a point in time with headphones such as the AT1350c children's headphones.

Why is the adapted furniture concept as important as the clinical audiometer?

In addition to the selection of a good audiometer, the setup of the audiometry booth plays an important role.

The patient's head should be at a distance of one meter from the loudspeakers. The height of the loudspeakers in turn depends on the height of the ears to be measured.

AURITEC sets up audiometry rooms in such a way that these standards are respected. To ensure that both children and adults can be tested with an audiometer, AURITEC builds height-adjustable tables.

And because children like it colorful, AURITEC's children's audiometry tables are available in many colors.

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