Diagnostic audiometer ear3.0

Diagnostic audiometer for stationary or mobile using

The development of the diagnostic audiometer ear3.0 was motivated by two goals: having a small and precise tool which could be used in the practice or be carried in a box for visiting patients at home or in institutions. ear3.0 is compatible with differents kinds of transducerst and can be extended to a children audiometry. 

Diagnostic audiometer ear3.0

  • Tone Audiometer with easy possibility to integrate speech tests in different languages
  • Independence from PC- or Notebook-Hardware through a built-in soundcard
  • Mobility through a small and only 300gr. light audiometer box.
  • Possibility to measure free-field

Technical data

Class:II für Reinton
Outputs:AC, FF, BC
Noise:max 120 dB

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