Visual reinforcement for infants Lookybox

The Lookybox works with a remote controle and is available in two sizes and with different puppets. The moving toys and the light in the wooden boxes fascinate the youngest patients. You may use Lookybox as an option with AT1000-PED or ear3.0-PED. Or just complete your existing equipment.


Lookybox - Visual Reinforcement Audiometry

  • Method for Conditioning of children age between 4 months up to 2 years
  • Ideal for the playful detection of the threshold  and   verification of hearing aids
  • Simple handling
  • For use in clinics and private audiologists
  • Possibility to use it in connection with headsets or   freefield

Technical data

Lookybox: MDF Wooden
Size:Big Lookybox
H 40 cm x B  30 cm x D 21 cm
 Small Lookybox
H 34cm x B 31,5 cm x D 21 cm
Weight:approx. 5,5 kg


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