The new world of directional hearing

ERKI is the first validated directional hearing tool in Germany which is integrated in a medical device.  With ERKI, you can measure the directional hearing performance of a patient within less than 10 minutes. A significant approvement for diagnostic.


ERKI- Directional hearings as a medical device

  •    Directional Hearing with 5 loudspeakers and 32 virtual sound sources
  •     Ideal for the diagnosis for Auditory Processing Disorder
  •     Implemented on a children audiometry AT1000-PED
  •     Randomized stimulus presentation
  •     For using in CI and Hearing Aid rehabilitation


Technical data

Signal:300 ms
Speech signal: ISTS
Noise:white noise, pink noise, pulse noise
Level:90/100 dB
Sound sources:5 real sources (loudspeakers) / virtual sound sources
Virtual sources:Level difference/Time difference

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