AAST– Adaptive Auditive Speechtest

The automatic adaptive speechtest AAST has been developed in order to measure the speech recognition threshold of children within a few minutes. The test is available in different languages and makes the measurement of multilingual patients possible.

Adaptive Auditive Speechtest (AAST)

  • Adaptative speechtest for children aged 4 years and older, developed by Prof. Coninx
  • Interactive and quick definition of the threshold: SRT (Speech Recognition Threshold) with and without noise.
  • Test with FF-Speakers or with headphone.
  • Registration of unilateral hearing loss which has not been discovered sooner
  • Registration of hearing restrictions, also with background noise. Control of effectiveness of CI or hearing aid
  • Compatible with all AURITEC audiometers

AAST-Test – Adaptive Auditory Speechtest

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Technical Data

Languages:German, Englisch, French, Arabic, Swiss German, Turkish etc...
Highfrequency-Version:German, French, Arabic
Audiometer:AuriCheck, ear3.0, AT-Serie

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