Clinical audiometer AT1000

Golden standard in clinical audiometry

The clinical audiometer AT1000 is one of the reasons why customers come to AURITEC: flexibilty in the software, modular structure of the hardware and individual set up of the user interface together with a high-end quality of the audiometer console.

Klinisches Audiometer AT1000 TonaudiometrieKlinisches Audiometer AT1000Klinisches Audiometer AT1000

Clinical audiometer AT1000

  • Germany's leading clinical audiometer
  • Comfortable audiometry board with dB-slideinterrupter-, frequency-, take over and return key with integrated PC keyboard
  • Outstanding user guidance, user specific configuration
  • Modular construction of software and hardware
  • SQL-database for patient and measurement data, network-compatible
  • Separate calibration levels for each type of signals and frequency of the particular signal outcome


Technical data

PTA:125 Hz -10000 Hz
High Frequency:8000 Hz -16000 Hz
Outputs:LL, FF, KL, Inserts
Class:I Audiometer

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