International Matrix Test (Oldenburger Satztest)

The German Oldenburg sentence test (OLSA), internationally well known as the Matrix test has extended audiometric diagnosis to accurate assessment of speech intelligibility in noise and is a well-established tool for studies in the market of hearing systems.Although more than 90 million people do speak German as first language, also almost 20% of the population of Germany have a migration background. Applying the German OLSA to people with a first language differing from German might not yield valid results. Hence, OLSA like sentence tests, called Matrix Tests, have been developed in various languages, for instance English (US), French, Finnish, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish

International Matrix Test

  • Reliable audiometry in noise
  • Adaptive test methods with complete sentence of daily life in noise. 
  • Determination of the speech reception threshold (SRT) with a precision in the range of ±1 dB.
  • The test is usually conducted aiming for the 50% threshold of speech intelligibility in noise (the SRT). It is also possible to adapt to other thresholds between 20% and 80% speech intelligibility.
  • The exact measurement in 1dB range can be reached within 5 or 10 minutes.
  • This module is available for following audiometers:AT1000, AT1000-PED, AT700, ear3.0 and ear3.0-PED. 
  • Languages available: German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Finnish etc...

Clinical audiometer AT1000

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