Standard hearing aid verification

The hearing aid fitting device Axiom from audioscan delivers real control and real productivity. With it, you can help more patients, fit more hearing instruments, achieve higher client satisfaction, and do it all without breaking a sweat – or the bank. It’s the affordable way to take control of the fitting process. Axiom is also the preferred choice for those focused on high-quality fitting with high-volume productivity.

Axiom™— Captivate Science, Compact Fit

  • Verify digital hearing aid fitting
    –Speechmap®, ISTS (International Speech Test Signal)
  • Gain patient understanding of fitting goals
    –Visualize speech audibility by objective measures
    –Counsel with confidence
    –Decrease return visits and increase patient trust
  • Professional hearing aid fitting
    –Improve your precision in hearing aid fitting
    –Minimize equipment costs
    –Enhance the value of your service
  • Options for pediatric fitting
    –RECD measurement, DSLm[i/o] and NAL-NL1 targets

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