Children audiometry ear3.0-PED

Freefiel audiometry with an optimal price

Children audiometry based on the diagnostic audiometer ear3.0. Using up to 8 loudspeakers and the switch box AT1643, it makes a very suitable directional hearing installation out of a small device with a very attractive price. The tables are space saving and are available in different variations.

Children audiometry ear3.0-PED

  • Childrens Audiometry based on the known audiometer ear3.0
  • Regiometry with up to 8 Audiometry-Loudspeakers
  • Modern methods for Conditioning with videos, pictures and lamps
  • Worldwide only audiometry headphone for children
  • Ability to use modern tests for children like AAST, mFAST, and Matrix tests
  • Individal and modular design, depending on your wishes and necessities

Technical data

Class:II for pure tone
Outputs:AC, FF, BC
Freefield:with AT1643 up to 8 LS

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