Screening Audiometer AuriCheck

Screening audiometer and speech audiometry as a game

Thanks to its "Game boy - look" AuriCheck is considered as a play and makes screening much easier for the patients and also for the examiners. The speech tests inside are quick, automatic and precise. They are available in different languages!

Screening Audiometer AuriCheck

  • Screening Audiometer appropriate for young children of age 3 and later
  • Fast and precise results through adaptive method and a built-in microfon for surrounding noises
  • Multi-lingual menu navigation
  • Innovative Test Methods for the determination of the threshold
  • Handy device – suitable for childrens hands
  • Appealing design with a modern wide-screen Touchdisplay
  • Modular configuration
  • NEW: Special Headphone AT1350


Technical data

PTA :up to 10 frequencies
Outputs:Free field, air conduction

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