Clinical audiometer

Clinical audiometer for quality sensitive and ambitious ENT doctors

AT700 is the "littler brother" of AT1000. It is perfect for ENT practices working with clinical standards. Its software is user friendly and enables the connection and the visualization of different ENT devices. You can also make a children audiometry with directional hearing out of AT700 with some few options.

Clinical audiometer AT700

  • PC-driven audiometer
  • Comfortable audiometry board with dBslideinterrupter-, frequency-, take over and return key with integrated PC keyboard
  • Outstanding user guidance
  • Integrated database for patient- and measurement data
  • Fade-in of the old measurement curve into the current measurement

Technical data

Class:II respecting DIN EN 60645-1
Frequencies:125Hz - 8000Hz
Masking:TVR, BB, SVR


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