• The new world of Directional Hearing


    The new world of Directional Hearing
  • Verifit®2


    Total Control and Complete Verification
  • Audiometer ear 3.0

    Tone Audiometer with easy possibility to integrate speech tests
  • Screening Audiometer

    Audiometer AuriCheck

    Screening Audiometer appropriate for young children

AURITEC Medizindiagnostische Systeme GmbH

AURITEC has been being designed and manufactured audiological devices successfully for almost 40 years. The German company develops and manufactures audiometers, tympanometers and other audiological systems. The first PC-driven audiometers were built by AURITEC for the German market, and there was constant development since. This makes AURITEC the technological leader in Germany. AURITEC is also focused on computer-

controlled children audiometry. Our audiometer AT1000-PED and our solutions for VRA are widely spread in the German market. Many customers know the company as Germany’s “Experts in Child Diagnostic”. The products range from small portable devices to full clinical instruments and cover the needs of the whole audiological spectrum. Most of AURITEC’s products are “made in Germany” and distributed in several countries. 

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